homepageimageMagic. Music. Ministry.

They’re all connected, at least in my life, for all three are dialects of the same language, the language of love-in-the-world.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. This is my little corner of the intergalactic web where I can share my work and my passion for spreading a message of love and joy in the world. I do this through writing, speaking, making music and performing magic. I hope this is a place where you can find a thought or a notion that makes you pause and, perhaps, decide to be easier on yourself.

I’m a professional writer, amateur magician, singer, musician, sometime preacher and a seminarian at Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, Massachusetts. While I learn and train for ministry, I’ve built this virtual pulpit so that I might connect with you. Look around and help yourself. May you find something of value here. Above all:

Love yourself more than you do.

Love others as yourself.

In everything you do, let love grow.

I do believe it may be as simple—and as hard—as that. You let me know whether you agree.


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