I’m a writer as well as magician, musician and Unitarian Universalist minister-in-training. Raised in Central New York just outside Syracuse in the mostly-farm village of Baldwinsville, I grew up with four seasons, six siblings and myriad priests and nuns from whom I learned to follow Roman Catholicism devotedly. I thought I would grow up to be a priest myself and announced my intentions at the wise old age of eight.


However, by the end of high school I decided I would one day want to have a family and, after years of musical training, thought I might be a professional trumpet player. I gave up the dream of priesthood. I didn’t know then that the dream would not give up on me.


From clean dishes to clean copy

From then until now I have been a dishwasher, farmhand, sports writer, newspaper stringer, full-time reporter, camp counselor, short-order cook, proofreader, political consultant, advertising salesman, telephone pollster, speechwriter, hospital spokesperson, copy writer, teacher, copy director and brand strategist specializing in life science and medical technology. I’ve played and sung music and performed magic throughout. In those early years I also questioned the religious tradition I was raised in and crossed the river into Unitarian Universalism in the mid-1990s.


Modern times

Today I serve as a senior strategist in the world of medicine for KHJ Brand Activation in Boston, where my title is vice president of life sciences. Finally responding to the religious vocational calling that just kept on calling, I entered Andover Newton Theological School in 2012 to pursue a master’s in divinity. I play guitar and sing, occasionally try to recall my glory days on trumpet, and entertain with a pack of cards when the mood strikes (or someone asks). I write and deliver sermons and lead services for pulpit supply as needed. I am a not-infrequent presenter in the medical world as well.


My family

I live in Medford, Massachusetts with my wife, Janice, and our little furry one, Daisy, a border collie mix daily Zen of a dog. My sons, Jay and Dan, are grown and live in Quincy and Tewksbury. This tidy band of love are my main joys in this life , joys amid so many reasons I’ve been given to love and embrace the world and everyone in it.