To quote one of my favorite fellow magicians, Doug Conn of New Orleans, this place on my site is where I get to play. Here you’ll find musings, links to things I in my humble opinion think you should know about, curiosities, and other folks’ versions of all of the above. There are no rules, so none will be broken.

Benediction for an Agency

Benediction for an Agency   In the name of the holy, Bless the good work of our hands, Our minds and our hearts. Let each note among us play its exquisite sound In the daily melody called excellence.   Bless the smallest contribution And the deepest insight, The cleanup task… Read More

Prayer for a Pitch

Prayer for a Pitch   In the name of the holy, source and seed of all that is known and unknown, author of love and all that is and ever will be We ask your blessing as we enter into dialogue today to extend a ministry of healing. May we… Read More

On Bowie

On Bowie After sound + vision artist David Bowie died this past Sunday, January 10 (a day I happened to be preaching about a new age dawning), sales of his music shot through the roof so that by mid-Monday morning Amazon was seriously backlogged. Two-day deliveries to Prime members turned into 2-week… Read More

When you don’t read the Bible, you end up having to read everything else.

When you don’t read the Bible, you end up having to read everything else. This is a thought related to Unitarian Universalism (in practice, not in principle) that I am pondering. More to come.  

On Writing, Well, at All

On Writing, Well, at All I came upon this quote from author Barbara Ehrenreich today in The Writer’s Almanac: “Sometimes writing is pure hell. I’ll write something down and look at it for a few hours and say, ‘This is pure crap. What will I do with my life? I’ll never… Read More

Pachelbel Prayer

Pachelbel Prayer   Marching, marching Across the kitchen counter: Violins, violas, violincellos and basso continuo, Sixty beats per minute With a message: The heart is beating, beating, Even as the volume rises and falls, Even as the children fight in a far-off room, As country invades country And a bomber implodes in Baghdad, Stopping… Read More

Rainy Morning Prayer

Rainy Morning Prayer   What is this thing called rain? If there were no such a thing as water Could you or I even imagine it?   So it is with God. We call it water. We call it rain. We believe we know it: didn’t we give it names?  … Read More

Friday Morning Prayer

Friday Morning Prayer   My glory woke me tenderly And at first I couldn’t see– Blinded by the prospect Of what is and what might be.   I offer up my everything To that which makes me whole As I wander through this bright-on day One step behind my soul.  … Read More

Romero Rising

Romero Rising The following is an essay I wrote for a service I gave at Wakefield Unitarian Universalist Church on Sunday, March 22 called “Love After” on the theme of resurrection. by Rob Kinslow   Not long ago I received in the mail an article from a Catholic magazine about… Read More

4-stringed worship

4-stringed worship Not since several years ago, when I saw Stanley Clarke hold an audience enthralled as he plucked, scraped, stroked, slammed and caressed a double bass for a good 30 minutes midway through a concert, have I seen such unbridled love and joy in a musical performance. And such… Read More