I began learning and performing magic at age seven. (As the great Canadian-born magician Dai Vernon liked to say, I wasted the first six years of my life.) I’ve performed in nearly every type of venue, including stage, parlor, street, restaurant, bar and workplace (including cafeteria), as well as in churches, schools and special events such as service auctions. I’ve conducted Magic Nights for Cub Scouts. I’ve also performed in Spanish when abroad in Mexico and El Salvador, although my vocabulary is somewhat limited.

Magic is not only a form of wonderful entertainment; it is a great teaching tool as well, whether in a scholastic or corporate setting.

In this section I share news about my magic exploits, magic-related information (including esoteric knowledge and just plain interesting stuff), and any magic-related developments I in my humble opinion believe you should know about. That’s pretty much a loophole you could fly a jumbo jet through, so check back often; you might discover something that could change your day and even your life. Magic is everywhere.

Billions and billions … of card tricks

Billions and billions … of card tricks If you’ve never heard of Dorion Sagan, you really ought to get to know him. He’s the son of Carl Sagan and Lynn Margulis and is, as his parents were, a great scientific mind of philosophic bent. That alone would qualify him to… Read More

Henning and the Eskimos

Henning and the Eskimos I don’t know how many of you remember Doug Henning, who in the 1970s was a famous magician and star of the Broadway hit The Magic Show. In August 1999 he was interviewed by MAGIC Magazine and told this story for the first time. That was… Read More