I happen to think that poetry — as with performing magic tricks or making music — is one of those things that could save the world. For if people spent more time writing (or reading) poetry, learning card tricks or singing or playing an instrument, they’d have less time to fight or want for something they don’t really need. Instead they would be finding so much richness inside themselves that they would discover their true worth and wealth. Billy Collins wrote that the trouble with poetry is that it makes people want to write more poetry, and that eventually we will have composed all the metaphors that could possibly be. Point taken. There is certainly a lot of bad poetry, no doubt some of it below. But I think there is something in the attempt to bend and curve language and throw out all the rules to try to eavesdrop on how hearts might speak directly to each other if hearts had their own language. And it’s fun to try to build sentences that introduce to each other words that otherwise would never have had a chance to meet.

Welcome Prayer

Welcome Prayer   Enter the cathedral of your longing. See in the stained glass windows the vastness of your unspoken hopes and expectations in the faces of saints and sages with their ancient desires.   Who knows or listens or cares? Who welcomes you to the higher ground? Oh, holy… Read More

Circle of Dreams

Circle of Dreams   A Canadian hilltop at dusk. A dog that talks. Tangential harmonies at the end of a Hooded hallway. A superman cape made of peanut butter That won’t stay on, A megamall whose perimeter is feathered with stairs Leading nowhere.   I can’t leave; there are no… Read More


Enchantment   To stay enchanted by and with the world, that is the thing.   Last night I dreamed I could fly.   The knack, I found, was not in trying to touch the sky,   But in letting go of the ground.

Thanksgiving Prayer, 2016

Thanksgiving Prayer, 2016   Let us give thanks.   Let us give thanks for the food before us and for all those who made it possible—the beasts of the field, the workers in the factories, the grocery store stockers, the vintners, the brewers and all those who applied loving hands… Read More

Amsterdam at Night, May 2005

Amsterdam at Night, May 2005   Flight delayed, luggage lost, Two pilgrims put up in a hotel. Emergency toiletries and a five-dollar phone card Courtesy of Dutch KLM.   Late that night we walked along holding hands, Our body clocks telling us it was day, Wearing tight-fitting clothes Not tailored… Read More

Red Sky Morning

Red Sky Morning A morning after meditation   (November 9, 2016)   We awoke to pink and white strands of cloud Flagging outside our kitchen window.   Wisps of warning, scattered puffs of portent, Gently giving way to pale blue as the sun came up.   There is more to the… Read More

Benediction for an Agency

Benediction for an Agency   In the name of the holy, Bless the good work of our hands, Our minds and our hearts. Let each note among us play its exquisite sound In the daily melody called excellence.   Bless the smallest contribution And the deepest insight, The cleanup task… Read More

Prayer for a Pitch

Prayer for a Pitch   In the name of the holy, source and seed of all that is known and unknown, author of love and all that is and ever will be We ask your blessing as we enter into dialogue today to extend a ministry of healing. May we… Read More

Everything Is Riding on Your Answer

Everything Is Riding on Your Answer   She asked: If you could meet anyone in all of history, who would it be? And don’t say Jesus.   He replied: I would like to meet the most honest person in all of time, the one who said the things most true…. Read More

Pachelbel Prayer

Pachelbel Prayer   Marching, marching Across the kitchen counter: Violins, violas, violincellos and basso continuo, Sixty beats per minute With a message: The heart is beating, beating, Even as the volume rises and falls, Even as the children fight in a far-off room, As country invades country And a bomber implodes in Baghdad, Stopping… Read More