Thanksgiving Prayer, 2016


Let us give thanks.


Let us give thanks for the food before us and for all those who made it possible—the beasts of the field, the workers in the factories, the grocery store stockers, the vintners, the brewers and all those who applied loving hands to provide this sustenance. Let us give thanks for our food.


Let us give thanks for each other—for those gathered here, those gathered there, and all those who are gathered somewhere beyond all we know, who may not be at our table but who are surely in our hearts. Let us give thanks for our tribe.


Let us give thanks for that which binds us together—the holy writ upon our souls that bids us to join hands, join hearts, and join in all our joys and sorrows, that this day of plenty gives us something to hold and to cherish on some future day when we are in need. Let us give thanks for our love.


For all this we pray in the name of the holy, seer of all, author of love, ground of all being. Amen.


Copyright 2016 Rob Kinslow